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Hand Presser S (sleeve crimper, bench crimper) [fishingdirect]

價格 NT$ 8,406
商品編號 TL-HAND-P-S
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Weight 4 Kg
此商品的廠家 不二機材(FUJI-KIZAI)
Ship from Japan Japan
壓釣機 小 [fishingdirect]
壓釣機 小 [fishingdirect]
壓釣機 小 [fishingdirect]

About Product

Hand presser(Small) can easily crimp any stubs (Silver Locks, Mini Locks, FUJI Locks, and Stainless Locks).

This convenient bench type crimper is made in Japan. Applicable for fishery industry, construction sites, and all other situations when crimping sleeves and tube clamps are needed.

As the convenient bench type, it can easily be used at outdoor or on boat.

Plate part of length of Hand presser (S) is 450mm and weight 4 kg.

For Hand presser size large, please move to this page

How to Use

Put the Hand presser on the ground or on top of any firmed tables/benches and simply apply a constant force on the lever, you can easily crimp the sleeves.

Please properly insert the tips (option) before starting to crimp targeted items. By changing tips, you will be able to crimp different sizes of sleeves.

Product image

Please use the image on this page as reference.

You can see the photos of Hand presser and its application

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